Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Food Post

Here's our Friday night dinner.  Smoked salmon ravioli with pesto sauce, fresh salad with yellow and cherry tomatoes, and garlic challah bread.

One of the things I love most about living here is the farmers markets.  We've been to two so far - the Broadway Market near our temporary quarters in Capitol Hill and the Ballard Market in the Ballard neighborhood.  

I like the Ballard Market better, because it's a bit bigger and offers more variety, but it's nice that we can walk to the Broadway Market pretty quickly.  

At the Ballard Market last week, I saw a man selling pasta.  I was really excited to try the pumpkin ravioli.  However, the pumpkin ravioli was sold out, so I got the smoked salmon ravioli.  The man, who had a nice Italian accent, felt bad that we missed out on the pumpkin ravioli, so he threw in a delicious large salted caramel brownie.  Talk about knowing the way to a woman's heart.  

We also got, from another stand, delicious muesli.  And beautifully braided Challah bread that we used for sandwiches all week, garlic bread with Friday night dinner and french toast on Saturday morning. 

There was also this stand, selling fresh mini doughnuts.  We didn't try any (we had just eaten lunch), but they smelled heavenly.

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