Friday, November 9, 2012

Apartment Hunting Sucks

It's true, apartment hunting sucks.  I've looked at countless places online but only three places in person so far.  The first place was small.  They had a second apartment to show us that was bigger, but it was on the highway side of the building and the traffic was loud.  The third place I looked at was a nice size but the apartment was very dirty. The manager assured me they would be cleaning it, but that didn't make me feel better about the brown rodent droppings in the kitchen.

After apartment shopping, I decided to stop in a Goodwill store I passed on my way back to the bus.  There are a few things I need that I already own in storage, so I'd rather not pay a lot of money for them. For example, our glass studio recommends a refillable water bottle and a sketch book for glassblowing class. The water bottle is because it gets very hot in the studio and our teacher said it's very easy to get dehydrated in class. The studio has a water filter, so we just need our own bottle to fill.  The sketch book is so that we can draw out our ideas and think about the structure of a piece before we start the glassblowing process

I got the water bottle for .99 and the sketch book for $2.00 - all pink tags were half priced.

As I looked at it in the store, I could tell the sketch book was used because it looked like a few pages had been ripped out of the front. That isn't a big deal to me. When I got home I flipped through it and found this note in the middle of it. I wonder if "Aug" ever found this creepy note from Heather. I think I'll leave it in there.

I bought a few more things too. The yarn caught my eye right away. I normally wouldn't even consider yarn in a resale setting because (1) it's often cheap yarn like acrylic which wouldn't cost much more brand new or (2) it's often hard to know what kind of yarn you're getting if the tags are off of it, which makes it much harder to use it.  But this is clearly four brand-new balls of KnitPicks Palette, which sells for over $3 per ball. I think the four colors look nice together, I can imagine them in some kind of fair isle pattern.  Maybe I should buy some needles rather than waiting for them to come when we move!  The four balls, bagged together, cost $2.99. I think that was a great deal. 

I also bought the 4x6 photo paper.  I figured that once I get my printer set up, I would like to print some wedding photos.  $3 for 200 sheets seemed like a great deal, even if it means I'm just holding onto it for a month.

And finally, I also bought a rabbit wine opener.  I wasn't sure whether our temporary quarters had a corkscrew, and I have wanted to buy the rabbit, I figured I couldn't beat $2.50. It turns out that our temp quarters does have a corkscrew, but I think the rabbit will be cool to have. And it's in Rutgers Red!  (Perfect for tailgating?) I haven't tried it yet, so I'm hoping all the parts are there and it works.  

Maybe I should give it a try and open some wine while I get into my knitting project!  Oh wait, I'm supposed to be apartment hunting...

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