Friday, November 30, 2012

Bicycling in Seattle

Despite all this hills and mountains, bicycling is hugely popular here in Seattle.

This is a typical intersection during rush hour - there are six cyclists lined up waiting for the light to change, and a few more pulled up after I snapped this photo.  I don't think I ever saw this many bikes in one intersection in NYC, except during the New York Century Bike Tour. But this wasn't a bike tour or a group, just the regular morning commute.

I also notice that many of the bicyclists wear neon yellow or green for increased visibility. I guess with frequent fog, rain and cloudiness this is even more important here than it would be elsewhere.

Bicycle parking is abundant.  This nice covered bike parking lot was at University of Washington, near the law school, where I went today for a CLE. 

It even had a "bike repair" station, with a raised area to hold the bike and lots of tools. It looked like there was supposed to be an air pump there, but it was missing.

So, nothing is perfect. Maybe it was being repaired or something.

Either way, I can't wait until we get our bikes out of storage next week, I look forward to seeing a lot more of the city when I can bike around it. 

How would I look in one of these snazzy neon green jackets?

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