Saturday, November 10, 2012

Family (Re?)union

When I first announced that we were moving to Seattle, my mother mentioned "I think I've got a cousin somewhere near Seattle.  Well, somewhere in Washington."

I'll admit, that I disregarded it. Washington is a big state! I friended the person she recommended on Facebook, but I thought, what are the odds I'll ever meet them? And how are they related to me again?

Well, Wednesday night, I got a Facebook message from my unknown cousin mentioning that she and her mother would be in the Seattle area for lunch on Friday, and asking did I want to get together?  Of course I did!  

As a side story, about two years ago, Jon & I went to Pittsburgh and my parents mentioned to me that my father's first cousin lived near Pittsburgh. We met up with my father's cousin, her husband and their son for breakfast and really hit it off!  It was a great experience, we even had them at our wedding last month.  So, I was hoping to replicate that experience.

Friday, we met up at a restaurant called Claim Jumpers near the South Center Mall, about a 20 minute drive for me.  I had never heard of it before, but it had kind of a log cabin style that included big fireplaces, so it was warm and cozy.  

At lunch was my mother's first cousin Carol, Carol's daughter Michelle, and Michelle's husband Steve. They were great! 

We really hit it off and had a ton to talk about.  They had a lot of great tips for life in Washington and even brought us some welcome gifts - a wall calendar with photos of Washington State, a bottle of Merlot made in Washington State, and a tourism guide book!  And a reusable bag - more on that later!

Lunch was great, and it was so nice to meet wonderful people!  Afterwards we even went to Macy's and did a little shopping!  That mall area is huge and has every store you could think of, I'll definitely have to keep that in mind.  

Thanks, Mom, for remembering this family connection and Michelle for reaching out to me!  I feel so blessed to (surprise!) have some family in the Seattle area and I look forward to going to visit Carol's home up on Whidbey Island!  

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