Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saturday is College Football Day

Even in Seattle, we are college football fanatics.  We woke up and got ready for a 9 a.m. Rutgers football game.  It was kind of fun to watch a game in our sweats (ok, that's not so unusual) while eating bacon and eggs and drinking coffee.  

After the game, I took Jon to a bookstore I had passed a few times on the bus - Half Price Books. The reviews on Yelp were great, and Half Price Books did not disappoint. As a point of comparison, one of the things that disappointed us the most in Jersey City was that there were no bookstores.  Some opened, some closed, but overall, there were no bookstores except the college bookstores at the local colleges. In Seattle, we've seen quite a few bookstores, including independent bookstores and chains.  We're very excited to live in a city with good bookstores. Half Price Books is cool because they have new and used books, as well as movies and music.  The selection is huge. 

I got two older magazines.  I find that in certain hobby areas, an old magazine is just as good as a new one. Unlike a fashion magazine, for instance, an older issue is not outdated. So, I got older issues of a knitting magazine and a magazine called Glass Line which is about glass making.   

I also bought a really cool knitting kit - it's called the "American Red Cross Knit Kit" and it's a tin containing a skein of olive colored wool, a sock pattern, a set of size 3 plastic needles, thread and a darning needle.  It's supposed to be a replica of what women might have used to knit socks for the troops during World War I (although I'm guessing that they did not use plastic needles). Kind of apropos for Veteran's Day! I think the kit was maybe $4-5.  I thought the skein of wool on it's own or the needles might cost $4 and, more importantly to me, I can use those needles with the wool I got at Goodwill earlier in the week.

We also had a good lunch out at Teriyaki & Wok - and sat in front of a sunny window while we ate our chicken teriyaki.  Then we came home to rest for a little bit (I rested, Jon watched more college football)... before going out to the University of Washington Huskies game! 

That's right, more college football!  The UW games are played at CenturyLink Field, where the Seattle Seahawks play, while the UW stadium is being renovated.  We got to the stadium easily by bus and got there early enough to see some pre-game activities.  

We got to meet Dubs, the mascot of the UW Huskies.  It was actually Dubs' birthday, but we didn't find that out until later, so we didn't get to wish him a happy birthday. 

And we watched the marching band put on a pre-game performance, including the hottest song, Gangnam Style!

It was cold, so I got a hot chocolate. I appreciate that they served it piping hot. Jon got chowder in a bread bowl. I tasted it and Yum!  It was delicious! Hot and packed with clams. I wish we had that at High Point Solutions Stadium for some snowy Rutgers games! 

The game itself was not that exciting. I don't know why, it just didn't seem as fun as the many Rutgers games we've been to. Was it because we're not as familiar with the team or as invested in the results?  Maybe.  But it also seemed like the fans were more spread out throughout the large stadium, and, possibly for that reason, there was less energy. Our section had maybe one or two people per row.   It was also very cold (in the low 30s), which makes you focus more on staying warm than enjoying the game. And our seats were very high up. We talked about leaving by half time, but I was glad we stayed through half time, because we got to see...

the half time show!  USA! USA!

They had cheerleaders from all over the state spell out "USA" in honor of Veteran's Day.  The music was "Proud to be an American" and then there were either big sparklers or small fireworks at the end.  It was a little cheesy, but in a cute way.  We left in the third quarter, our toes frozen numb, the Huskies up 27-15, and hopped in a cab to our warm home! 

It was almost exactly a week since we had taken a cab from the airport to our home, and I have to say, it's been a great week.

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