Saturday, November 17, 2012

We Signed a Lease!

Yay!  I am so excited!  We signed a lease!

We get the keys December 1, and our movers will probably drop off our stuff on December 3 or 4. We have our temporary quarters through December 19, so that will give me at least two weeks to go over during the day, unpack, sort through things, set up, and then come back to the temporary quarters to sleep.  So December 19 when we "move in" it should be all set up!

When we moved, we really didn't have time to sort through things we didn't want and sell or donate them, partly because we had just one week between our honeymoon and moving, and partly because of the hurricane and blackout that week. So, I'll be doing that in Seattle and have plenty of time to do it.

Ok, about our new place:

It's in a large apartment building. The neighborhood is pretty close to the "downtown" area, we're walking distance to Pike Place Market and my glassblowing school.  We're about a block from the waterfront and in a very walkable area with lots of restaurants, bars, stores, and, of course, coffee shops. We're really excited to still be in the heart of the city, and not out on the outskirts or suburbs.  (All those sunny pictures from the waterfront I posted yesterday were just a short walk from our new home!)

The apartment building has a lot of the amenities that I liked in that fancy-but-too-expensive building last week.

We have a heated outdoor pool (open all year but heated Memorial Day to Labor Day only, I think you'd have to be crazy to go in the rest of the year), an outdoor hot tub that is heated and open year round, a beautiful roof deck with a grill and wi-fi and amazing views, two community lounges with TVs and full kitchens, one has a fireplace and a billiards table, an outdoor patio with a fire pit, an outdoor fenced in area for a dog walk... and I'm sure I'm forgetting something... oh, like the fitness center and tanning bed?  Yeah, like that.  

The only thing the fancier building had that we don't have is an indoor pool, but I think our roof deck makes up for it. When we were up there on a clear afternoon, we could see Mount Rainier, the Olympic Mountains, and great views of the Space Needle - perfect for the New Year's Eve fireworks.

Our actual apartment is a corner unit, which means more (potential) sun exposure.  It's actually a "one bedroom plus den," which saves us a lot of money and is fine for us since the second bedroom will be an office/den/guest room anyway. It has a full washer and dryer, a big bathroom, and a bedroom big enough for us to get a big bed!  We're really excited about that.  And a little balcony.  (Probably too little for anything but some plants, and maybe a small grill, but still.)

All that, and a covered parking spot too!  And dog friendly! And larger and cheaper than our place in Jersey City by quite a bit.

I'm really glad we got it and it all worked out. The leasing agent at the building was really nice and got us a good deal. The funnest part was filling out the forms for the background check with Jon. We both almost checked the box for "single" and then realized it was our first time checking the "married" box!  For occupation, I left it blank, and the leasing agent entered it into the computer as "homemaker" rather than list me as unemployed.

Now I can't wait until summer, when I can take my homemaking talents poolside!  Yes, there is a grill by the pool too. I just need to bring my blender downstairs for margaritas!


  1. Oh man, I'm jealous of your new place already.