Saturday, December 29, 2012

Introducing... Olive!

We named her Olive.  A little spunkier than "Gracie Mae". And, for our Christmas baby, a nod to one of my favorite holiday movies, Olive the Other Reindeer.

At the shelter, they told us to hope fo the best, expect the worst, when it comes to things like house training, crate training, and general behavior.  

So far, we've been pleasantly surprised.  

Every time we've walked her, she's "done her business" outside, and so far, no accidents inside. Knock on wood.

The first time I showed her to her crate, she went right in it. Now she seems a little lukewarm toward the crate: she goes in it when she wants to, but when she knows it means we're leaving she doesn't really like it. She can be a little stubborn and hilariously runs from room to room to try to avoid going into her crate.

She loves to get up on the furniture. I initially said she couldn't get on the bed, but already I've been letting her on the bed for little cuddles and naps. But only after she's gone out for a walk and never overnight. Yet. I can't help it, I love cuddling and naps as much as she does! 

I also said she couldn't come on the brand new couch, and I've bent that rule a few times already. It's leather and I worry about her claws, but we've got the couch covered with a blanket now.  

I suspect she can read.

She does well on walks and, boy, can she walk.

I signed up for a "hikes with dogs" meetup group. During the winter, because it gets dark early, they do walks rather than hikes. We went to a meetup walk last Wednesday night. There were 7 people and 10 dogs. We walked almost 3 miles, including some hills, and walked through a block in Seattle called "Candy Cane Lane" which was decorated for Christmas. Olive really liked walking with the dogs, and she didn't tire out at all. I was a little sore the next day but she was ready to go again! 

This is a large carousel around a huge shrub in the middle of the street on Candy Cane Lane.

We've made just one trip to the dog park, and she had a good time. Those two little dogs chased her around nonstop, but she held her own!

Most importantly, she seems pretty attached to us. After just a couple of days, she now follows us around the apartment and comes when we call her. At her first vet's exam, she hid behind me and leaned against me, even the vet was impressed how attached she was after just a few days.

 It is love.

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