Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Moving and Unpacking

We got our keys and our movers came and dropped off a few hundred pieces.  "We have too much stuff!" we've both said quite a few times this week.

(That's me, looking panic stricken at all of the unpacking I have to do!)

Helpfully, the movers labeled almost every box "Misc."  (That, and, weirdly enough, "lampshade."  Seriously, how many lampshades could we have?)

Time to downsize a little bit. I'm photographing quite a few items to try to sell them on craigslist.  Then I have to coordinate the multiple offers, which include people who say they're going to come, and don't show up. (And, unfortunately, the one person who showed up but couldn't get a hold of me because I had typed my phone number AND address wrong in the email!)

Unpacking is overwhelming, I don't know where to start, and every step seems to require another step to happen first.  But, I keep telling myself, the sooner we get unpacked, the sooner we get a dog!

Today I spent way too much money at Sam's Club and Lowe's, getting some of the basics for setting up our home. And I still have so much more to do.

Most excitingly, my Maid of Honor has booked her ticket for her visit to Seattle in early February, so that's even more incentive to get our apartment in shape!

I'm so excited about all of the fun things we can do together! Hopefully if it does rain, it will still be sunny, like it was today:

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