Friday, December 7, 2012

Volunteer Park

Yesterday was chilly and cloudy but not raining, and I had a few hours before meeting my next craigslist buyer so I decided to walk over to Volunteer Park and check out the Seattle Asian Art Museum, which is free on the first Thursday of the month.  

It was a nice little walk from our temporary quarters apartment.  I got to see some nice homes in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

I thought that because it was the free day it would be crowded, but it wasn't.  There were maybe 10 other museum guests there. (You can only imagine a NYC museum on free day!) About one-third of the museum was closed because an exhibit had just closed and the next one hadn't opened yet.  The remaining area of the museum was pretty small.  I would guess that if you just wanted to rush through, you could probably see the entire regular exhibits area of the museum in 20 minutes.  Of course, I'm sure there are some people who would want to take a lot longer to read all of the information cards and look at every item uniquely and could stay here all day.

Some of my favorite parts were the Buddha statues.

And the snuff bottles.

Check this one out.  All I could think of was my lopsided little gnome and how long it would take me to make something as detailed as this tiny snuff bottle. And it's from the 17th century when the lack of technology probably made every step of the process more difficult.

Overall, the Seattle Asian Art Museum didn't pique my interest too much.  I zoomed through in about 20 minutes.  I'm glad I didn't have to pay the $7 admission fee.  The only part I thought was cool was the centrum area which had skylights and tables and chairs. I imagined that if I was a student around here, it would be a great quiet place to sit and study. But not for $7.

There were some cool views of the Space Needle and the mountains beyond it, which never seem to come out in my iPhone photos.

I noticed that the Volunteer Park Conservatory was just a short walk further into the park.  I had heard of the Conservatory but wasn't sure exactly what it was... but it looked pretty...

It turns out that it's an awesome greenhouse with tons of beautiful plants and flowers.  And it's warm and humid, perfect for a chilly day.

Walking through, I kept thinking "I love it here!" Thank goodness for the free day at the Seattle Asian Art Museum to get me to check it out! Photos don't do it justice, you have to breathe in the tropical air and hear the waterfalls tinkling through the trees.

This Christmas cactus reminded me of my officemate.  

And this orchid reminded me of my mother.

These pink upside down flowers were my favorite.  I kept wondering what the Conservatory would be like at night.  Spooky?  Romantic?  But, unfortunately, I think it is only open during the day.

Oooh, look at all the poinsettias and Christmas trees! So exciting. But the wing was closed...

Until the next night!  One night only!  Romantic or spooky, I know I've got to be here to check it out.   So I've told Jon that we're going for a mystery date Friday night.

I guess I can't publish this post until the secret is out. I'll let you know soon how it goes!

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