Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Like Spinning Plates

For the last class of Beginner 1 Glassblowing, we had the choice of making bowls or plates. We were told that the process of making a plate is basically making a bowl and then spinning it out to flare out the edges. So I decided I wanted to make a plate so that I got to try all the steps of making a bowl and then a plate.

For the color, I combined a little bit of an opaque white and an opaque pink.  There are a few little dots of other colors, like green and a darker purple-pink.

The other cool secret I learned about is... baking soda!  Baking soda on glass makes it bubbly! What can't baking soda do? 

Plates are really cool but difficult.  It's hard to balance them from curling up like a bowl or curling down.  The trick is to spin it quickly, but not too quickly. And it's quite heavy, so, it's a challenge!  It's like... spinning plates.

But I think the end result is worth it! 

From the top:

Look at those beautiful bubbles!

 From the side:
 Hey, is that the sun?  Oh yeah, I took these photos last week when I took the photos of my blue vase.
You can also see the "foot," the blob of glass that can be used to hang it or to set it flat on a table.

 Showing off the curves: 


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