Sunday, January 13, 2013


Olive & I were walking along the waterfront, when an older couple stopped and the man asked me, "What happened to his leg?"

Assuming he meant Olive, I replied, "We don't really know, we just adopted her a few weeks ago, and she came like this. So we don't really know what happened to her."

(For the time being, this is kind of my automatic response. You'd be surprised how many times a day this is asked.)

The man replied, "Well, he seems to get along without it. Right? Don't you, boy?"

Must I dress my girl in a pink glitter tutu to have her respected as a female?

Thinking that her name might clear up her gender, especially to an elderly man, who probably went to school with a couple of Olives, I said, "This is Olive."

That should do it, right?

Then the man looked right at Olive, leaned down and said, "You are a good boy, aren't you, Olaf?"

Seriously, old man?

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