Sunday, January 20, 2013

Odds and Ends

I mentioned that I went to a "cooking class" at the co-op last week. It wasn't really a cooking class, as it turned out. The class was a tour and tasting in the co-op. It was taught by a nutritional educator and it was cool to get a tour of the co-op and get to ask some questions. I also got to taste a few products that I've been interested to try, but was afraid to spend money on in case I didn't like them. For example, now I know I like both Kombucha and Keffir. And probably some other beverages that start with K.

There wasn't any pitch to try to convince you to join the co-op, but I think that we will end up joining. I really like the idea of shopping from the bulk bins so that we can get exactly the quantity we want (at the same price as someone who buys in much larger quantities) and cutting down on packaging. They even have bulk olive oil, soaps and detergents. I also like that they do a pretty rigorous screening of the products they carry. Biggest bonus: You don't have to work any hours there, unlike the (infamous?) Park Slope co-op.

I also thought their signage was cute:

Unpacking continues. This week, I found a birthday card, still in the Hallmark bag. I apparently purchased it on Montague St. in Brooklyn (which makes me think maybe Jon purchased it, because he worked near there, or maybe I was visiting him at his office?) on March 12, 2003. If I forgot your birthday ten years ago, I apologize. I can't think of who I would have bought it for... and apparently it was important enough for it's own trip to Hallmark, but not important enough to mail... I'm stumped. But I'm also ready for the next birthday-card-sending-occasion. It could be you!

I'm also getting things done.  I got my Washington license plates and drivers license!
I also got 3 documents notarized for my bar admission application.  This is taking forever.

In other unpacking news, I finally uncovered my Brother P-touch label maker, one of my most valuable possessions.  Let the labeling of the Seattle apartment begin!  Bwa ha ha!

I did not create this NYC2SEA sticker spotted in my neighborhood... but I do like it!

Note to the possibly homeless but also possibly just scruffy guy at the dog park this week: Writing "SERVICE" and then drawing a picture of a dog on your dog's jacket does not make your dog a service dog.  (If you click on the picture, I think you can see it better.)

Regarding dogs... Have you ever seen a dog sit like this?  Olive loves this pose.

Jon & I went out with one of my Meetup groups last night.  We went to a nearby bar and an improv show. It was close to home and really fun. We laughed a lot, I would definitely recommend it. Olive, of course, cried while we were gone.  And tore apart the blanket in her crate.

Again, I thought that a good workout might keep her calmer in her crate.  We went on a 2.5 mile hike that included some steep inclines and a few little runs after squirrels and birds.  It made little or no difference.

Olive with her friend Ella at the dog park.

Sunday morning, I'm one step ahead of you!  Last night before we went out, I made crepe batter and stuck it in the fridge. I got our electric crepe maker out of the cabinet, along with a jar of Nutella. I also filled the coffee maker with cold water.  This morning, I woke up to an already walked and fed dog, hot coffee and Nutella crepes, along with a scrubbed stove.  I'd say married life is good.

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