Monday, January 21, 2013

Perfect Companions

Compendium, Inc.
2100 North Pacific Street
Seattle, WA 98103 

Dear Compendium Incorporated,

I think it's cool that you make neat gift products, and that your company is based here in Seattle, which is also my new hometown.

I agree that dogs are our perfect companions, and I really like the interior art in the journal entitled "Our perfect companions..." However, I'm disappointed that you chose this quote for the cover and I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that not all dogs have four feet and that "our perfect companions" sometimes "have fewer than four feet."

My husband and I adopted Olive from the Seattle Humane Society in December 2012. She was rescued from a hoarder house in California and brought here to Washington by Northwest Boxer Rescue. She only has 3 feet, but she gets around great. She's even been known to chase other dogs around the dog park! 

Despite being a fabulous dog, who loves to walk and play, is fully house-trained and always well behaved, Olive sat in the shelter for nearly two weeks before finding a home. Even the volunteers SHS were surprised that such a great dog stayed unadopted for so long - but their loss was our gain. Popular culture, including your products sold here in Seattle, has perpetuated the idea that "[o]ur perfect companions never have fewer than four feet," when nothing can be further from the truth.  

Tripod (or "tripawd") dogs make excellent companions. They can be incredibly active and can even jump on the furniture (even if they're not supposed to)! There are even advantages - They'll never jump on your guests, they have fewer nails to trim, and they'll leave fewer paw print stains! Otherwise, they can do everything a "normal" dog can do - sometimes I even forget that Olive is a tripod, until someone asks me, "What happened to her leg?" 

In the next printing, please consider a journal that expresses the value of tripod dogs, or at least does not disparage dogs of fewer feet.


Monyca with a y

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