Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Washington Park Arboretum

I mentioned that last week, Jon, Olive and I went on a walk with a meetup group to Candy Cane Lane.

Olive & I went on a second walk with this group and had a great time again. The group is North End Hikes and Walks with Dogs on meetup. There was an article in the Seattle Times about the group recently.

 Dog walks, not dog parks, is how this group rolls. “The dogs aren’t just milling around. They are moving forward. They have a purpose — sniff­ing things. You see better interaction,” Losacco said.

Today we met at Washington Park Arboretum. There were 4 people and 5 dogs hiking. We walked 4.74 miles in about an hour and a half in the sunshine. It was a glorious day and Olive loved it.

The Washington Park Arboretum is a 230 acre park on Lake Washington run by the University of Washington and the City of Seattle Parks & Recreation. I was impressed by the variety of trees and plants and how well they were identified through signs.

The best part was that Olive had her first squirrel encounter. I thought she was going to rip my wrist off the way she took off for the squirrel. After I learned her interest though, we ran ahead of the group a few times to chase after squirrels.

She also seemed really interested in runners. Whenever someone ran past us on the path, she wanted to keep up with them and keep running with them.  She's got a lot of good "aunts" who are runners, so maybe one of them will want to come out here and run her.  Maybe if she's good, her Aunt Hadley will run her when she comes out here next month!

It was a sunny New Years day and I was so excited with the amazing views of the Cascade Mountains.  
My iPhone never does them justice, I really need to start bringing my real camera on these walks.

 Olive was ready for a good walk in the sunshine. 
Look! Enough sun to cast a shadow! It's a New Years Miracle! 

Beautiful sights and sun, lots of greenery in the park, even in January. 

Olive likes to fall behind by sniffing around, and then rush to catch up with the pack. 

"Did you see that squirrel?  Yeah, I chased him up this tree.  
Now let's wait here until he comes back down."

More views of the mountains on the ride home. I just can't get enough of looking at the mountains.

If the first day of the year was any indication, it's going to be a fabulous and sunny year here in Seattle.

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