Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dog Park Grand Opening

I had never been to a dog park grand opening before, so Olive & I were not about to miss the opportunity!

The new dog park is Lower Kinnear Dog Park. The fenced in off-leash area is a little smaller than our local park, but...

Olive loved it because the ground was mulch and wood chips (rather than gravel) and she loved running on it.  She ran like I had never seen her run before!  She was outrunning a Jack Russel!  There is also a large tree (seen in the photo above) that she was using an obstacle in her running - running behind it, changing directions, it was fabulous.  

There were quite a few people there for the grand opening, and so many of them commented that they couldn't believe how fast she could run on 3 legs! 

She also is not usually interested in tennis balls or anything like that, but she grabbed a tennis ball and ran around with it, and seemed to enjoy being chased. She also took a large dog's football, but couldn't carry it in her little mouth very far! I wish I had gotten a picture of that! 

Although the off-leash area is not as large as our nearest dog park, it is surrounded by a larger park with a few trails and a scenic hilltop view of Elliott Bay. So, in addition to the off-leash run, we got to take Olive on a little trail walk.

For the grand opening, they had free Starbucks coffee and snacks and also had a raffle of prizes donated by local businesses.  We won 2 raffle prizes!  The first, an exam and nail clipping from Olive's new vet's office.  And second, a coupon for a free pizza!  Not bad for a day at the park! 

Although this isn't our nearest dog park, so we probably won't get to it as frequently, it is a really nice park so I hope we can at least make weekend trips there. And we're thinking about getting involved in the volunteer organization that maintains it. 

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