Monday, February 18, 2013

Hot Yoga Experiment

Here's what I learned at hot yoga today:

1) As I'm usually not reminded until summer, I don't really like the heat.

2) My body can hold a lot more sweat than I ever knew.  It just kept coming out.  More and more.  I couldn't believe I could sweat that much.

3) And an hour can be a really long time. I know it doesn't seem like a long time when it's your lunch hour, let's say, or happy hour, but when the yoga instructor asks that you please not leave the room for the hour of the class, and it is really really hot in there... an hour is a long time.

The hardest part was that I felt really lightheaded a lot, which I think was a combination of the heat and the inversions (I always feel a little lightheaded coming up from any inverted pose) but then, about halfway through the class, I started to get a dull headache behind my eye, which I recognized as probably being dehydration (I had sweat out about a gallon of fluids).

I was surprised how well other people could function while sweating profusely. I looked around and saw people holding poses while sweat dripped down their noses. Not me, that's a form of torture! I have to grab for my towel.

But I'm glad I tried it!  And my deodorant held up impressively well. I could do a commercial for them.

My friend Katelin from glassblowing invited me to her join her at  her yoga studio using her guest pass. I promised to do my best not to embarrass her.  I gave it my best shot.  I'm trying to say "yes" to things more, try things that take me out of my comfort zone, and challenge myself with new things.

Most importantly, I was nervous about it, and I did it!  And then I had a nice big lunch, including a cupcake, because I earned it!

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