Friday, February 8, 2013

I Got a Response

You might remember this letter I wrote to Compendium Inc. last month regarding their "Perfect Companion" journal which bears the quote "Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet."

Here's their response:

Dear Monyca,

Thank you so very much for your thoughtful blog post regarding our Write Now Journal. We are truly inspired by your love of tripod pooches! I personally also have a soft spot for those special animals who many consider to be “less adoptable” because they are senior, sick, or perhaps don’t quite have all of the equipment they were intended to have—or the many other reasons why there are unfortunately so many homeless pets.

We wanted to respond to your blog post to not only say thank you, but also to note that our intention regarding placing that particular quote on the cover of the journal was absolutely not to exclude any particular type of dog. Indeed, we hoped that this quote would have the widest appeal to the millions of canine lovers as the spirit of the quote is meant to allude to our commonly referred to “four-legged friends.” But, of course, not all of our perfect companions are “perfect,” which, for those of us who can see beyond simple doggie aesthetics, makes them exactly the creatures we want and need in our lives.

Again, thank you for not only writing, but also for adopting Olive. She is obviously a very lucky, happy girl! And best of luck to you as you settle here in Seattle. Please do keep in touch.

Amelia Riedler
Managing Editor

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