Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Part of the Same Club

I just read a great book.

Polar Dream by Helen Thayer. A Washington resident, she circumnavigated the North Pole solo and on foot with only her dog at the age of 50. She is one tough woman. I read it as part of our hikes with dogs book club (yes, we hike, and with dogs, and read books about hiking with dogs, and discuss those books about hiking with dogs after our hikes with our dogs).  The club is coincidentally all women, at least for now, so it was cool to read a book featuring such a kick ass woman.

Thayer had planned to make her expedition alone but was convinced to bring a dog along the day before she left, mostly because the dog would warn her of and protect her from approaching polar bears. Her dog, who she named Charlie, was an Inuit dog with little prior human interaction in the sense of being a "pet" but they quickly formed an amazing bond.

This afternoon, my little polar bear alarm, Olive, and I walked to the library to return the book.

At a light, a man approached us from behind (we were stopped extra long at the light so Olive could practice sitting at the corner). He asked me "How old is your dog?"  "About 2," I answered.

"We're part of the same club," he told me, "Nobody can take that from us.  Part of the same club!" 

I just nodded and said "uh huh" or something, as Olive and I continued walking.

Then he held out his right hand and showed me that he had only two fingers remaining. The thumb, index and middle finger were missing.

"Amputees! Part of the same club!" he said, walking off.  

Olive & I get questions and comments about her being a tripod every day, but that was a first!

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