Saturday, February 16, 2013

Puget Sound Marine Life

Can you see the starfish in this photo?  It's blue, and it's pretty much in the center.  
I spotted it while Olive & I were out on a misty morning walk on Monday.  It's in Elliott Bay, very close to my house.  

And then I found a second one on the same walk!  This one was a little further out, so it's a little harder to see.  But, again, it's kind of blue, and kind of centered in the photo. 

I'm very intrigued by the clear water in the bay and the marine life down there.

But not as intrigued as these people who were preparing to make a morning dive in the bay in February. 

Ever since learning about these organizations through Chocofest 2013, I "liked" Puget Soundkeeper Alliance and People for Puget Sound on Facebook. I'm interested in getting involved to protect this beauty next door from pollution. And in seeing more marine animals!  Puget Soundkeeper Alliance posted this great photo of sea lions playing in the Sound yesterday.  Check it out! 

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