Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What a Weekend!

We had a fantastic weekend!  My wonderful friend Hadley came to visit from New York - our first visitor!  Just what I needed to get me through this grey winter!

Olive & I went to the airport to pick her up.  For weeks, I had been telling Olive, "Wait until your Aunt Hadley gets here!" both as a promise and a threat. Finally, it was about to all come true!

(Maybe she doesn't look too excited in this one, but trust me, she was!)

We brought Aunt Hadley home to drop off her bags and show her around our building for just a minute before taking her to the glassblowing studio.  

Hadley was a kickass glassblower!

Heating in the glory hole.

Shaping at the bench.

Wielding the paddle - kind of looks like she's done this before! 

It's just too bad I didn't take a photo of the resulting paperweight.

Jon also cut out of work early so he could join our glassblowing lesson.

He looks like a pro already!

As Jon would say, "Fire! Fire!"

Our teacher, Amy, made a very cool glass turtle for Hadley to bring home to her 3 year old son!

The next day, we did a Pike Place Market tour.  Coffee, doughnuts, tea, salmon, fruit, charcuterie, mac and cheese, chowder, a sandwich... phew! It's a tough job showing guests around, but these are the kind of sacrifices we have to make! 

The headphones were for listening to our tour guide.

That fish almost hit me! 

After the market tour, Hadley & I hit the co-op where she bought chili ingredients and beer. Then I brought Hadley back to my house and forced her to cook up a big batch of chili for our Super Bowl party. Because that's how I treat my guests.

We made up for it on Sunday morning though... when we went to the Theo Chocolate Factory for a tour. Which included a lot of tasting!

It brought out the kid in all of us.

And that was before we tasted the chocolate!

There's the chocolate! Yum!

We had to wear the swim caps if we wanted to jump into the chocolate holding tank!

On Monday, Hadley & I checked out Alki, West Seattle and had delicious prawn tacos and chowders in a restaurant overlooking the beach.

Then we went up to Capitol Hill, drove through Volunteer Park and saw the Space Needle from in front of the Asian Art Museum. The mountains even came out so Hadley could see Mount Rainier! 

We stopped at the Seattle Public Library downtown and admired the famous Rem Koolhaas architecture.

That might seem like a lot, but that's just the stuff I got photos of! We also took a walk around the Olympic Sculpture Park and along the Sound, checked out lots of local happy hours, Hadley got a massage and had time to relax. I hope she had enough fun that she'll come back to visit soon! I also, wisely, made sure we left some things undone so she'll have to come back! 

As for the the rest of you... I hope this is enough enticement for you to come visit us in Seattle soon! It's fun, I promise!

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