Monday, March 11, 2013

All Apologies

First, apologies to my blog readers. I was away last week. I had a lovely tropical vacation. (I know, a vacation from what, considering I'm not working... a vacation from cloudiness?)

The mountain views on the flight from Seattle to Houston were beautiful. How quickly I have become a mountain lover.

Now the flat land in Houston and in Florida just looked so... flat!

I went to Florida for 4 days and saw my parents. It was freezing in Orlando! If you could stand to sit outside, you could have this whole beautiful pool to yourself.

Then I went on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas with my friend Melissa from college.  We didn't know it was spring break until we got onboard!

It was us and a few hundred co-eds. Drunk co-eds. Sometimes vomiting co-eds, dancing co-eds, and dirty dancing (very dirty dancing) co-eds. Phew. But we survived and had a good time.

I even got a little quiet time on a hammock with a good book. That was all I needed.  That and the "coco loco," some kind of frozen concoction that involved plenty of rum.

But, things back home weren't so good... Little Olive missed me too much and cried too much during the day. One neighbor decided to complain to the management offices instead of speaking to us directly. The management office didn't tell us which neighbor had complained but we had a pretty good idea who it was, because we have talked to our other neighbors and they all said she wasn't bothering them. Jon ended up taking her to doggy day care everyday for the rest of the week to avoid a further problem.

I decided to kill 'em with kindness and picked up a few boxes of Caribbean Rum Balls in the Bahamas. I used photo software to make a little cover for each box. It has an adorable photo of Olive (who could be mad at that face?) and a note:

The note reads "I'm sorry if I disturbed you last week. My mom was away and I'm still getting used to being home alone. Thanks for understanding. Love, Olive in Apt. ___"

We went to each of our neighbors so Olive could issue her apologies and hand out her treats in person. Or, in dog. We told each neighbor that we've only had her for a few months and that she came from a home with 140 dogs so she's never been alone before. Two of our three neighbors said, "Oh, I didn't notice, it was no problem, but thanks for the rum balls." The third neighbor, the one we suspect complained, said, "Well, I'm only home on Mondays," the complaint was made on a Monday, go figure, then "What flavors are the rum balls?"  

I'm hoping that anyone who is respected by a personal apology and sweetened with rum balls would have the decency to complain to us directly next time there is a problem rather than go to the management office, but I guess you never know how some people will react. We do know one thing, Miss Olive is going to have to learn to be quiet on Mondays.

(Yes, that's another Nirvana song title in the blog post title. I'm officially a Seattleite now.)

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