Monday, March 18, 2013

Bowled Over

I haven't posted many photos of my glass in a while mainly because it hasn't been easy to get out in good light to take photos.  But this afternoon was sunny, so Olive and I ran up to the roof deck to take some photos.

This is another "sucky bowl."

I think I made this during our private lesson when Hadley was here back in February.

One of the cool things about this, is that the frit was not so orange. It was kind of a dull, bland yellow. But I was told that it would cook up to be a "fire engine orange." I know, I've never seen an orange fire engine before either, but it's a fair description because it is a bright orange.

I really like how using frit leaves a little bit of transparency in the color. I like that effect.

For contrast, here's another bowl I made later in the semester.  I used white color bar for the bowl and a bit of purple color bar for the lip wrap.  On this one, my teacher helped me by making a clear glass foot.  This is not a sucky bowl, this is an actual formed bowl. So I think it shows a lot more progression in my technique.

I think it looks a little lopsided in the top photo, but that might just be the camera angle.

The good news is that I ordered a photography tent off Amazon so I think that the future will bring more professional photos! I'll be happy to be able to keep photos of my glass, especially the pieces I decide to give away.

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