Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cherry Blossoms Blossoming

I lived in Newark, NJ for three years. And while there were many (many!) downsides to living in Newark, one of the biggest highlights was going to Branch Brook Park in mid-April to see the cherry blossoms. Branch Brook Park has more than 4,000 cherry trees, more than any other location in the United States. (Take that, Washington, D.C.!) 

The University of Washington has more than 30 cherry trees.  It's beauty on a smaller scale. But, beauty nonetheless.

There were many people out taking photos. When I asked someone on campus where to find the quad with the cherry trees, her instructions were "Head down this hill and follow the people with cameras."  In this photo you can see a man photographing a woman and children on the right and a man photographing a woman in the tree. 

Of course I had to pose little Miss Olive under the cherry trees.

She's a good model.

I'm pretty sure UW is going to want to use this in their college brochure next year.  
Husky? What husky?

Jon & Olive

Olive & Me

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