Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Muse

One of Olive's most striking features is her ears. It is the number one thing she gets complimented on when we're out and about, besides "Wow, she gets around well on 3 legs."

One ear sticks straight up while the other flops down.

One morning I caught her shadow on the wall and just loved the lines of it.  I had a thought that if I ever got a tattoo (which I probably would never do), I would want the single line outline of her head and ears. 

So, one day when I had a few minutes in the hot shop (glassblowing studio) to make a small quick project at the end of class... I had an idea.

I started with a small ball and pulled out a quick little Olive head. The color is a really dark purple, almost black, with a clear foot as a base.
It's a ring holder!

It lives in our bathroom now to hold our rings. I don't wear a lot of rings, usually just my engagement ring and wedding band (I pulled all of my rings out for this photo) and it easily holds my rings and Jon's wedding band.  When I get a chance, I might try to make another one for the kitchen sink area. I've been rolling out dough for bread pretty frequently now so another ring holder would be useful there.

Oh, and I took these photos with my new light tent. It worked pretty well! We've been having more sun now, but this is more convenient than carrying each piece out into the light to get photos. 

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