Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm Juicing Like Roger Clemens

A friend recommended the movie "Fat Sick & Nearly Dead" to me many months ago, but I just got around to watching it last week. The movie is about the health benefits of juicing, and the narrator meets some people who are, appropriately, fat, sick and nearly dead, and introduces them to juicing, and (spoiler alert!) they became trim, healthy and lively.

Of course, after watching it, I wanted to run out and buy a juicer. But they start at about $100 and I'm not working.  I figured I could go the Bed Bath & Beyond route, with a 20% off coupon... but it still seemed like a lot of money to spend on something I wasn't sure about.

Then I had a moment of genius... Goodwill! The first Goodwill shop I went to (South Lake Union) didn't have any juicers and the worker there told me that they get them sometimes, but they always disappear quickly. Then we went to the larger store in Ballard and bam! They had one juicer. An older Hamilton Beach model for the bargain price of $9.99. Sold.

I brought it home, and threw an apple in just to make sure it worked. Yum, the most delicious apple juice I had ever had!

Next stop: Grocery Outlet where I loaded a cart full of fruits and vegetables. And wine. Seriously, their wine is so cheap, and perfect for sangria! Anyway, where was I? Oh, fruits and vegetables. I got a bag of apples, a bag of oranges (I think they're tangelos?), carrots, red bell peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, onions, lemon, lime, garlic, ginger, cilantro and parsley. I also got a bag of potatoes because Jon has gotten into making his own potato chips.

Now, I'm not doing a juice "fast." I'm still eating regular food, but I am drinking juice as a mid-morning snack and having more like a snack (today, hummus and pita chips) for lunch.

Ready for some pictures?  Here you go... and a tragic story!

First juice! Oops, a couple of vegetables and I only got a half cup of juice!

Next juice I made. That beautiful red color is thanks to our delicious friend the red beet! 

For this juice, I was smart enough to take a photo of my ingredients before they went in. Which worked out realllly great when...
I had a very bad allergic reaction to this green juice. Itchy hands and feet, swollen lips and itchy hives, it was a disaster. Two Benadryl and a three hour nap later, I woke up feeling better. So, what was the culprit? My best guess is parsley.  I've eaten all of the ingredients plenty of times, and I rinsed them really well with vinegar & water so I don't think pesticides or anything was the problem. I'm sure I've had parsley before, maybe accidentally ate my garnish... but never in this kind of quantity.  My plan is to wait a couple of days and try eating a piece of parsley and see how it goes.  Anyway, here is the offending allergy juice:

And today's juice.  I had to take two photos of the bowl to get all the goodness that was in there.  Broccoli, including the stems, red beets, including the greens, a clove of garlic, a handful of grapes and a tangelo. It was pretty good, but I was surprised how garlicky it was - and I love garlic. I guess the juicer really extracted the garlic juice! 


So far, so good. I've made a juice or two each day. Today I made another one, not photographed, when Jon came home from work, which made a great "hold 'em over" so that we could have a later dinner. (We've gotten into a weird habit of eating dinner at 5pm every day, which isn't always convenient.)

I'll probably keep going with my Goodwill juicer for a little longer, but I'd like to move up to a Breville eventually. I have a few friends who use the Breville, and they all love it.

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