Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stubbornness is a Virtue

Imagine my surprise to learn that the house from Up (the movie) is here in Seattle! I love that movie!

Ok, so Up was cartoon, and wasn't filmed live on location anywhere. But a woman named Edith Macefield was similarly a real estate hold out, refusing to leave her home in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, as a large retail center was built up all around her home. She became something of a folk hero for standing her ground and refusing a million dollar offer for her little home. Here's a great story on her life from NPR's All Things Considered on the occasion of her passing: Remembering Seattle's Edith Macefield.

She ended up surrounded by the retail building which includes a gym and a Trader Joe's, boxed in. 

Ok, it's not as colorful as the house from Up, but you see the similarity of a cute little house that gets surrounded. In 2009, Disney tied balloons to this house as a promotion for the movie. 

Of course I was excited to go over to Ballard and see the house for myself, maybe take a picture of myself with the Up house for the blog.

I should warn you, prepare yourself for disappointment... I certainly was not prepared.

It was all boarded up! The sign on the fence indicates that it is being renovated (although I didn't see or hear any work going on when I was there Friday) and that it will be expanded and lifted up two stories.

I'm not sure that I think that is really so much better than just destroying the house to build a liquor store or whatever. But I will stop by occasionally and let you know how it looks as it progresses.

Edith Macefield just wanted to die in the house where her mother had died, on the couch where her mother had died. And on Father's Day, she did. No word on what's next for the little house she left behind.  -All Things Considered, NPR.

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