Thursday, April 18, 2013

That's Very Seattle

I've noticed a parked car a few blocks from my home, I usually walk past it when I walk Olive.

It has one of those bright orange stickers on the window that usually indicate that the car is going to be booted or towed. I don't really know the rules in Seattle, regarding parking tickets and towing and whatnot, so, walking by with Olive this morning, I decided to stop and read the orange sticker.

Basically, the sticker is dated 2 days ago, and says that if the car is not moved by tomorrow it could be towed or impounded, and cites a Seattle statute about cars being parked on the street in the same spot for more than 72 hours.

Alright, fair enough. There was no boot or anything on the car that I could see, so basically, this is just a warning. Then I noticed that the ticket under the windshield wiper had some writing on it in magic marker.

I'm nosey. I had to read it.

(And snap a picture so you can read it too. Cropped and rotated for your viewing pleasure!)

Someone took the time to write, directly on the envelope the driver is supposed to use to return the payment to the City of Seattle:

I love you (in a heart) that you git (sic) these tickets all the time + don't seem to care. 
Someone had taken the time to not only leave a note, but to draw a heart. And if you're going to stop and express your admiration for just one person or one great thing in the whole city today, it's going to be the person who shows utter nonchalance about receiving parking tickets. That's so Seattle.

I love you (in a heart) that someone took the time to leave this note and express their love. I love you too, Seattle.

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