Monday, April 8, 2013

The Highs and the Lows

Jon & I went to a movie pre-screening tonight. We're such red carpet celebrities!

The movie was Starbuck and it was really cute. It's a French Canadian film, and it's funny and heartwarming and great. I highly recommend it. Here's the trailer:

It was already previously released in some countries, but it will be in wider release in the US later in April. And, of course, Hollywood is making an English version, starring Vince Vaughn, to be titled "Delivery Man." But, trust me, see the original.

We left Olive home alone while we were out at the movies. We had been experimenting with leaving her home alone over the past couple of weeks. We had finally decided, after a series of experiments, that the crate might be the real problem, because she did much better (no crying) when left home alone and loose in the apartment, not locked in the crate. We started leaving her home alone for longer and longer times, and I was using a webcam to keep an eye on her. She had been left home alone for 3 hours without incident, mostly just lying on the bed or on the couch.

Tonight, I didn't set up the camera because I figured we wouldn't turn on our phones to check on her during the movie, so there was no point in running the camera.  Meaning, we came home to a surprise...

Olive had destroyed the carpet in front of our door.  I don't know if she was chewing or digging or what, but it was all torn up. We couldn't even open the door when we got home, the carpet was so torn up in front of the door.  I'm sure that it wasn't just "being bad" but anxiety of trying to get out and find us, blah blah blah... but I'm also sure that it's going to cost us a fortune.

We can't leave her alone in the house, she'll tear things up. We can't leave her locked in the crate, she'll be loud that the neighbors complain. We can't afford to put her in daycare every day. We can't just stay home all the time. We're totally frustrated.

But at least we got to see a great movie.

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