Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whidbey Island Adventure

We took off this weekend for our first (hopefully of many) Washington road trip adventure.

We drove north through some pouring rain and headed to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. My mother's cousin met us up there and showed us around the tulip route.

It was beautiful! There were tulips in every direction, fields of color like I had never seen before, and varieties of tulips I never imagined. I'm so glad we made the trip up there.

Then we went through Deception Pass on our way to Whidbey Island. This is an amazing bridge and the views are stunning, even on a cloudy day. I can only imagine it on a clear day. In fact, the next day a marathon route ran across this bridge, that has to be the most scenic marathon route in the world. How could you run past? I'd want to stop and take in the sights! (Note to my marathon running friends, come on out here for this one next year!)

We stayed at Carol's house on Whidbey Island. As a child, Carol lived with my great-grandmother, my favorite grandmother's mother. It was so interesting to hear all about my great-grandmother from her.

The next morning we had an amazing breakfast at a nearby seafood place. I had crabcake benedict and it was deee-licious!

Then we went to the Naval Base, NAS Whidbey Island. This was my first time on a Navy Base and it was pretty cool. I really liked looking around the Exchange, the shopping area for the military and their families. They had an awesome variety of products, which I guess makes sense because it is much more convenient for them to go shopping nearby and on their own schedule. I liked looking at all the products specifically marked Navy. You could even get "Navy Dog" t-shirts for your dog! And there was a frozen yogurt place in the exchange! Very cool. I love frozen yogurt!

On the way to the ferry, we stopped at this great store called 3 Sisters featuring locally farmed items and bought some grass fed beef from a butcher and lavender chocolate chip cookies from a lavender farm. (Next road trip, I'd like to go visit the lavender farm!) Leaving 3 Sisters, I noticed that we were about a block away from a great cliff over the water so we walked over there to take some pictures.

It was beautiful and sunny and warm and perfect.

But then it got even better. We heard swoop, swoop, swoop, and we turned to look up... and saw a large bird had landed on top of the telephone pole right next to where Jon was standing.

A bald eagle! Amazing! 

We continued on to the ferry. I sometimes get car sick if I'm a passenger in a car, not a driver. I never ever get seasick on a boat. Want to guess how I did in a car on a ferry?  Not so great, I actually had to get out of the car and stand so that my body would feel more like a boat passenger and less like a car passenger. Suddenly, as soon as I was out of the car, I felt better. It was the weirdest sensation. 

But the views were beautiful. The 20 minute ferry ride flew by.  

Olive didn't care for the ferry much. Maybe she gets car-on-a-boat sick too.

We had a fabulous weekend! I know it was the first of many road trips to come and what a way to kick it off! We love it. I'm so thankful to have family here, especially when they're such fabulous people. 

I can't wait to see the rest of Washington!

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