Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cheese And Rice

A friend was visiting recently from Chicago and happened to comment that she's been trying to cut down on curse words (also called "swear words" which I've never understood... what are you swearing to?) Anyway, when she mentioned it, I realized that I haven't been using the f-bomb nearly as often as I used to, or any other bad words for that matter.

1) Because I'm by myself most of the day! Who am I going to curse at, poor little Olive?
2) The public defender world was full of lots of colorful language (both from my colleagues and clients) and I've stepped away from that now
3) I'm pretty happy and stress-free most of the time, so there isn't much to curse about!

But, there may be another reason:

This Seattle Times article notes that a study found Washington the least foul-mouthed state in the U.S..

I thought for sure NJ/NYC would rank number one most foul-mouthed, but that honor went to Ohio, according to the article.

What could have me cursing in the near future?  I'm set to start a new jobs in a couple of weeks! It's part-time, so that should still leave me some free time for blogging, glassblowing, dog training and relaxing. I will be teaching undergraduate classes in criminal justice and legal/paralegal skills in the evenings three nights per week.

I'm joking, of course, that this might lead me to cursing. The worst I might say to my students might be   "h-e-double-diddly-hockey-sticks!"  Because I live in Seattle, obviously.

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