Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saturday Sunset Walk

Yesterday was a great day. It started with Jon bringing me coffee and a hot cinnamon bun, fresh out of the oven, as breakfast in bed.

After breakfast, Olive & I got dressed and went on a hike in the park as part of our Hikes with Dogs meetup group. We hiked 3.84 miles that included some tough hills. After the walk was over, I had to get a shot of Olive lounging in the daisies.

We came home, took a shower (I broke a sweat on that hike!) and then we all went out to pick up burgers for a late lunch.

We came home, ate our burgers, relaxed for a few hours (I intended to take a nap but ended up playing on my phone for a few hours) and then ended up going on a sunset walk. We left home around 6:30 p.m. and walked for about 2 hours, totaling about 4 miles. That's a lot of miles in a day for Olive and me!

The weirdest thing in Seattle is that it will sometimes get really sunny right before sunset. So, it will be cloudy all day, but then at 8:30 p.m., as the sun sets, it'll dip below the cloud cover before setting behind the mountains. It's glorious.

We walked down to the waterfront then north on Alaskan Way, up through Myrtle Edwards Park and we just kept going up the Elliott Bay Trail! 

We saw beautiful roses, and these were near the Sculpture Park, not even at the Rose Garden, which is coming up...

Jon tried to entice Olive into the Sound but she is not interested in swimming. At all.

And then we found the Rose Garden, which is tiny but beautiful.

And this Salmon Net Pen... you can see the little salmon jumping! Now, I wonder, do these count as "farmed" salmon then? On one hand, they're being raised like farmed animals, but the plan is to release them, at which point they'll be wild, right? I don't know. 

Olive took off running after this little bird, which I thought was a roadrunner, but it's not. 

Although it did continue to taunt her with a little "meep, meep" even as we continued up the trail!

Someone before us had already picked this off the bush. It smelled beautiful.

Family portrait. I love Olive's little 3-legged shadow.

Skateable Art Feature? I'm guessing that's Seattle for "skate park"?  I know someone whose husband might want to check out this skate park when it's finished!

I told you it gets sunny!

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