Monday, May 6, 2013

Yelp Elite Event

I've been Yelp Elite for a couple of months now and I've enjoyed going to a few Yelp Elite Events. It's really fun to check out new businesses and chat with new people who are "in the know" about local happenings.

But tonight was Olive's first Elite event!  They had a great event at the headquarters of Rover.Com.

There was people food and doggie treats, an agility course, a doggy kissing contest and... a photo booth!

Olive got a yelp bandana and a doggy bag full of toys to bring home. She was so spoiled. I suspect she's going to expect the Elite treatment everywhere now!

Matter of fact, on the way home, Olive wanted to stop at Seattle Glassblowing Studio, even though they were closed!

"Open up... I want some Elite treatment!" 

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