Friday, June 7, 2013

Checking In

Teaching has really taken up a lot of my time, and my blogging consistency has suffered. Teaching is going well, though. It's a lot of work, particularly because it's my first time teaching these classes so I need to do full lesson plans for every class. I'm sure that when I reteach the same class in a future semester, it will be much easier. We just finished our second week. My students are pretty great, they're smart and hard working and I'm impressed.

I also started my ESL tutoring with a new student. She is very new to English so it's kind of interesting to think about things to talk about. Our topics today included the months of the year, colors, and a few animals. I'm thinking about making up some flashcards for our next session based on the words we worked on this week.

The weather has been beautiful here, it's warm and sunny and perfect. On Wednesday I think we hit 80 degrees, but still it was pleasant, not hot and humid or anything like that.

Olive has been doing pretty well adjusting. We haven't been leaving her home alone much but when we have (a total of a few hours this week), she has been fine. One trick we've learned is to have her skip a meal and then leave a lot of chewy food and treats for her to work on while we're gone. Then she's too busy eating to get into trouble.

I haven't been grocery shopping in forever so I've been getting very creative with recipes to use up what we have left in our freezer and pantry. I'm actually pretty proud of the things I've come up with. Tonight we had ziti with some sausage I found in the freezer and I added fresh garlic, onions and rosemary to jarred sauce to freshen the taste a little bit.

That's about all the excitement here. We have plans for the weekend but I won't post about them until I know it actually happens!

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