Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Leftover Pizza with a Secret Ingredient

I love leftovers. My husband, not so much.

One of my favorite (sneaky!) uses for leftovers is on pizza. Everything tastes better on pizza! 

Step One: Pizza Dough. I make my pizza dough in the breadmaker, using the recipe in Easy Bread Machine Recipes: For 1, 1/2 & 2 Lb. Machines.  I find that it's easier to roll out if I stick it in the fridge for a little while first.

Long ago, I gave up on trying to roll it out in a circle. It's not worth the effort, it fits better on a cookie sheet and it tastes just as good. Or better, if the crispy edges are your favorite part.  

Step two: Here's my secret ingredient. I found this Pesto Gorgonzola spread by Honey! I'm Home at Top Banana, my favorite produce stand, which also stocks some local products.  It sounded good, but I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. Turns out, it is lovely on pizza.  I don't really bother trying to spread it (I'm afraid of messing up my dough), so I just spoon some out on the pizza dough.  Don't worry, as it bakes, it will melt down into deliciously gooey puddles.

What if you can't get this Pesto Gorgonzola spread in your area?  Search for something similar, because it's worth it! I think Trader Joe's has some kind of gorgonzola spread that might work. Let me know what you find!

Step 3:  Leftover meat. I just searched through the fridge for leftover odds and ends. We had a little bit of sausage and a little bit of bacon. I chopped them into small pieces and sprinkled them over the pizza dough.

Step 4:  I also found some leftover spinach in the fridge. I have to be careful with that, green could scare my husband away, so I made sure it was evenly distributed with the bacon and sausage.  Top with some tomato sauce (You can buy specially labelled "pizza sauce" but I had a half-used jar of pasta sauce in the fridge, and that's fine, I don't really notice a difference) and some shredded mozzarella. You can use a little less cheese than you normally would because you already have that gorgonzola spread underneath too. Or go extra cheesy, that's ok too! 

Step 5: Bake at 450° for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.

Cut it into squares or rectangles, and it is so good! It's even great the next day for lunch... as a leftover! 

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