Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm a Lawyer (Again)!

Well, it finally happened... I got sworn in!

The purpose of this post, though, is not to advertise for work (although I am still trying to figure out my next job move) but to serve as a word of warning to all of you who are thinking about waiving in to Washington State or getting admitted through reciprocity. 

This took 7 months.  Almost 8 months including the time it took me to get all the necessary affidavits and forms filled out and notarized. Then 7 months, almost to the day, from the time I submitted everything to the Washington State Bar Association.

When we first learned that we were moving to Washington, I put off getting all of my paperwork done. I figured I had some time, and I thought it was more important to focus on the apartment search, and I believed that it was important to have a "real" address to put on my applications (not our temporary quarters), so I waited until we really moved and got settled in. I figured I wouldn't want to start working for a few weeks after the move anyway. And I had no idea it would take 7 months.  If I had known, I probably would've started the process last September as soon as we knew we were moving.

Another piece of advice, for anyone going through this process or considering the process, it would have been easier to track down lawyers to sign my affidavits if I had done it while I was still in New York. I could've walked into my supervisor's office and said "Can you sign this?" Rather than knowing it was sitting on his desk for weeks and hoping to catch him on the phone to nag him about it.  It might have been quicker if I had started the process back when I still had face-to-face contact with most of my references.

Even though I was sworn in today, I still have to mail in the signed Oath of Attorney to the bar association and then, when they receive it, I can pay my fees. So I'm still not official-official yet!

But that won't stop us from going out to celebrate tonight! 

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