Sunday, September 15, 2013

Glassblowing Progress

I just wanted to update with this vase I made for my friend Heather for her birthday. I'm sure you already know Heather from her blog, From Snow Gloves to Rain Boots. She loves purple. She also loves fresh flowers from the market but doesn't have enough vases...  It just so happens, I make vases!

This was fun to make. I used a little bit of purple and just kind of freehand drew some swirls on it while turning it at the bench. I think it came out nice!

This vase is a little imperfect. (Heather, don't read this!) I was supposed to make a flared neck but, actually, not to place blame, but when I got to the point when I was supposed to work on the flared neck, the T.A. who was watching me told me not to (I think he was confused and thought I had already done it.) Later, my teacher asked, "Where's your jack line for the flared neck?" And my T.A. replied "Oh, I didn't realize they were doing that."

So, it just has a small hole opening. Which I think is fine. You can't fit a ton of flowers in it, but it's a small vase, even with a flared neck, a ton of flowers probably would've tipped it over.

And... for practice sake, I made a nice flared vase today in all clear and I think Heather likes her birthday vase with purple.

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