Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome Fall!

It suddenly started to feel like fall this week.

In the past week, I...

celebrated my birthday:
Olive helped me with the wrapping paper! 

Started intermediate/advanced glassblowing lessons! No more beginner for me!
That's my little glass on the left, that's my partner's humungous glass in the same shape, on the right. I'm glad I didn't try to make a huge glass because even when I took this one from him, as the assistant, it was very heavy and hard for me to work!

Celebrated my birthday again, this time with a fabulous dinner:
And the biggest slice of red velvet cake ever at Kingfish Cafe.  
(Jon and I split it and still couldn't finish it!) 

Went to Fremont Oktoberfest on Saturday with my friends Karissa and Heather. 

Got to put Olive's little red raincoat on her:
The hood won't fit over her ears! 
Somehow I think she looks like a little Catholic Cardinal in a red beanie!

And went to Fremont Oktoberfest AGAIN, this time with Jon, Sarah, Sarah, and Olive:  
Olive did NOT have any beer (she won't be 21 in dog years until December),
she was just posing for a picture. I promise.

Jon, Sarah, Sarah, and Olive:
Overnight, it had gotten much chillier - notice we're all in coats? 
I guess that's how Oktoberfest is supposed to be. 

Also, little known fact: Beer can be used to keep you warm!

Sunday was DOG-toberfest, which meant pups were allowed into the Oktoberfest! And there were people giving out dog treats and bowls of water out for dogs.

It rained in the morning, but when the rain cleared, we were rewarded with this nice rainbow! 

 What a week!

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