Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Seattle-iversary!

Today we celebrate one year in Seattle.  It's been better than I ever could have imagined.

I learned at Klondike Gold Rush National Park that a person who survived a year in Alaska was known as a "sourdough."  I wonder what the term for a person who has survived a year in Seattle might be?  A salmon or a Sounder maybe?

During this year we have:

Found an apartment

Been to a Husky game and even got our photo with Dubs, the UW Husky mascot.

Adopted Olive

Made new friends

and had visits from old friends

Visited a volcano

Viewed all sorts of wildlife and spotted lots of rainbows

Drank a lot of coffee

and have been more to festsparadesdog parks, happy hours, and farmers markets in one year than in our entire lifetimes.

I have become a teacher and a glassblower (although not a glassblowing teacher) and been admitted to the Washington State bar.  And I've kept up with this blog somewhat successfully!

I'm reminded of an article that I read which asked, when does someone become a real "New Yorker"? Is it when they've lived in the city for a certain number of years? And, if so, how many - 1?  5?  10?  Is there a signature event, like being mugged or acting nonchalantly in front of a celebrity? Or some other status like having your own hot dog cart guy?

We have our own fish guy, that has to count for something!

And our own favorite graffiti artist! 

As for assimilating, we have learned to carry reusable bags everywhere, we never carry umbrellas, we know exactly what to compost, and we have proudly become "those people" who bring their dog everywhere.

Once in a while, things pop in to my head that make me have what I think of as "a real Seattle moment." A couple of weekends ago, I was in the car with Karissa and Heather when one of them said, "You should have seen it this morning. It was so cloudy, it was beautiful." And the other responded, "Oh yeah, I saw it, it was great." Is that Seattleite enough - admiring the cloudiness?

Whether or not we're official Sounders now, we've enjoyed our first year in Seattle and are looking forward to year two!

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