Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bagels, Momofuku Pork Buns, and Round Rolls

This actually happened today:

Jon & Olive & I were on the elevator (Olive in her Santa suit).  The elevator stopped, and a group of three people (two men, one woman) got on, laughing.

After the doors closed, they stopped laughing and one of the men explained, "Oh we were just talking about night court."

"Really?" I asked, excited that, finally, someone was speaking my language.

"Yeah. Do you remember that old 80s show?"

"Oh yeah," I answered, "I thought you meant real night court. Like, 5pm to 1am, in court."

"That's a real thing, night court?"

"Sure, I used to work it, like twice a month."

To his friends: "We should go downtown and watch night court tonight. That'd be awesome."

"There's no night court in Seattle. That was in New York."

All three friends, simultaneously: "Ssshhh! Don't ever say that New York has things that Seattle doesn't have. Don't let them hear you!"

I guess they're not ready to hear my carefully curated list of foods from New York that I can't get in Seattle.

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