Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's Christmas... All Over... Again!

Happy Boxing Day! It's time for my better-late-than-never roundup of Christmas in Seattle.

First, let's start with a few of the best decorations in Seattle. You may remember that last year we took our brand new dog on a walk through Candy Cane Lane.  We didn't make it to Candy Cane Lane this year, but we did walk around Westlake Center where there was plenty going on.

First, there is this great train display at Macy's.

My favorite part was that you touch these little mittens in the corner to start the trains.

And I love this giant star, visible from Westlake Center.

Tree at Westlake Center


And a giant snow globe you have your photograph taken in! 
(I don't know those kids, I just wanted to show what the snow globe looked like.) 

As for me, I know I haven't posted much glassblowing progress, 
mostly because I was working on gifts.

Glass snowmen! It seems that I've mastered either making really big hats or really tiny hats. Oops.  Well, you dress your snowman in the odds and ends you have around anyway, right? The hats that don't fit properly. Yeah, that's it... it was intentional.

I asked Jon for a Dremel with a diamond bit for Christmas so, coming soon, all of my pieces will be signed and dated!  And I'm really glad I kept some of my not-quite-perfect pieces because I've been using them to practice my engraving! 

I also made a wreath.  
Not out of glass, out of greens! These are actually just some little sprigs that fell out of our real Christmas tree as we set it up.  Ideally, I'd like to add some rosemary too, but I didn't get around to it this year.  I can pull the greens out and save the base for next year. And next year I'll add rosemary.

I got to spend time with friends, including Heather! 

And today I'm going to see family up on Whidbey Island, including some cousins I've never met before! I really can't wait! 

I hope your Christmas was Merry and that you had plenty of time to enjoy the holidays! 

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