Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome Fall!

It suddenly started to feel like fall this week.

In the past week, I...

celebrated my birthday:
Olive helped me with the wrapping paper! 

Started intermediate/advanced glassblowing lessons! No more beginner for me!
That's my little glass on the left, that's my partner's humungous glass in the same shape, on the right. I'm glad I didn't try to make a huge glass because even when I took this one from him, as the assistant, it was very heavy and hard for me to work!

Celebrated my birthday again, this time with a fabulous dinner:
And the biggest slice of red velvet cake ever at Kingfish Cafe.  
(Jon and I split it and still couldn't finish it!) 

Went to Fremont Oktoberfest on Saturday with my friends Karissa and Heather. 

Got to put Olive's little red raincoat on her:
The hood won't fit over her ears! 
Somehow I think she looks like a little Catholic Cardinal in a red beanie!

And went to Fremont Oktoberfest AGAIN, this time with Jon, Sarah, Sarah, and Olive:  
Olive did NOT have any beer (she won't be 21 in dog years until December),
she was just posing for a picture. I promise.

Jon, Sarah, Sarah, and Olive:
Overnight, it had gotten much chillier - notice we're all in coats? 
I guess that's how Oktoberfest is supposed to be. 

Also, little known fact: Beer can be used to keep you warm!

Sunday was DOG-toberfest, which meant pups were allowed into the Oktoberfest! And there were people giving out dog treats and bowls of water out for dogs.

It rained in the morning, but when the rain cleared, we were rewarded with this nice rainbow! 

 What a week!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Glassblowing Progress

I just wanted to update with this vase I made for my friend Heather for her birthday. I'm sure you already know Heather from her blog, From Snow Gloves to Rain Boots. She loves purple. She also loves fresh flowers from the market but doesn't have enough vases...  It just so happens, I make vases!

This was fun to make. I used a little bit of purple and just kind of freehand drew some swirls on it while turning it at the bench. I think it came out nice!

This vase is a little imperfect. (Heather, don't read this!) I was supposed to make a flared neck but, actually, not to place blame, but when I got to the point when I was supposed to work on the flared neck, the T.A. who was watching me told me not to (I think he was confused and thought I had already done it.) Later, my teacher asked, "Where's your jack line for the flared neck?" And my T.A. replied "Oh, I didn't realize they were doing that."

So, it just has a small hole opening. Which I think is fine. You can't fit a ton of flowers in it, but it's a small vase, even with a flared neck, a ton of flowers probably would've tipped it over.

And... for practice sake, I made a nice flared vase today in all clear and I think Heather likes her birthday vase with purple.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

All the News

Ok, it's been almost a month, but it's been a busy month.

First, and most importantly, I am fully and completely and totally and undoubtedly a lawyer now. So that's awesome. And now I'm looking for a lawyer job. Full or part time, I'm pretty flexible as long as it's something I think I'll actually enjoy. I still enjoy teaching, so part time would be nice because I could keep doing that, but we'll see what happens.

Second, I've been spending as much time in the pool as possible, while it's still possible. I'll miss this when the rain starts.

I took a sewing class and made an awesome tote bag. Somehoew, I don't have a picture of the finished product, but it's black with a green "M" embroidered on the outside and this flowery pattern inside, it's also reversible.
I liked sewing a lot, I liked that I could make something pretty quickly but there was a lot of ironing involved. No one warned me about that. I could get into more sewing, but I'm sort of opposed to owning an iron, so sewing and I are at an impasse. This was a one-time three-hour class, they have a few week class where you make a few things that I'd be interested in taking, but right now it conflicts with my teaching schedule. 

We took a road trip to California. 
I don't know what it is, but Olive loves hotel beds. 

We got to catch a Rutgers game in Fresno...

And do some wine tasting in Napa. It was a dream come true even though we only spent a couple of hours in Napa. We'll be back, I'm sure of that!

We made frequent stops along the way to stretch our legs and cool our heels.  This was in a little stream near a dog park in Ashland, OR.

We came back the day before Labor Day so we could meet up with Tracey, one of my NYC co-workers and her husband, and enjoy one of my favorite spots, the Chihuly Garden and Glass. 

I dropped them at the airport and the next day I was at the airport again to pick up another friend! 

Portia and I went to a few museums, including the MOHAI and the Museum of Canine Art (yes, it's small, but it's in a parking lot, what did you expect?) 

She got to try her hand at glassblowing. Here we are in the Seattle Glassblowing Studio restroom:

And we got to catch some fabulous sunsets. 

She was also a good knitting influence. Seeing her knitting away encouraged me to finish two projects, including one that had been simmering on my needles for quite a while. 

So, I've been busy, but it's been a good busy! Tomorrow I start a new semester of glassblowing lessons and this week is my birthday! We're also planning something fun for our first anniversary, so I'm sure we'll busy for the next few weeks too!