Thursday, January 2, 2014

One More Snowman

The east coast is scheduled to get pelted with snow today and tomorrow, but here in Seattle, we're dealing with the gray.
(Who named this blog anyway?) 

But, in honor of the northeast's snowstorm, let's take a look at my last glass snowman of the season.

This one was hollow on the bottom (let's just say that was intentional, ok?) so I decided that before gifting it to my mother's cousin, Carol, I would pick up a light box for her to display it on. I found this light box that changes colors and thought it would work nicely.

I think it looks great and, more importantly, Carol liked it. She even called me a couple of days later and said "I was just sitting here looking at my snowman and I had to call you!" I was so happy! 

I hope your holiday was magical! 

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