Thursday, January 30, 2014

Engraving with Dremel

I decided to try my hand at a little bit of engraving with my Dremel.

I started with a basic clear drinking glass that I had blown.

I went online and found a silhouette of the Seattle skyline that I liked (sssh... that might be pushing copyright boundaries, but, um, moving on...) and printed it. I really wanted one with Mt. Rainier in it because I love Mt. Rainier and think it's an important part of our skyline. I also liked how this one had a flag flying atop the Space Needle.

Then I taped the skyline inside the glass. Now, you wouldn't have this problem with a store-bought glass, but on mine, the inside of the glass wasn't perfectly straight-walled, so there were parts where the paper didn't sit flat. I ended up cutting the skyline into segments so that they could each lay flat up against the glass.

Then I traced over the skyline with my Dremel.

I decided it needed something else, so I wrote the word "Seattle" in Word, messed around until I found a font and size I liked, printed that, and taped that where I wanted the word to go and traced that too. Then I signed and dated the bottom.

I think the end result is pretty good for a first try.

The blue sparkly nail polish was special for the Seahawks NFC championship game. I was thinking that drinking out of this glass for the Super Bowl might be lucky.

I have a few thoughts about doing more glasses. One thought is that I'd love to do a series of cities - a New York glass, a Paris glass, etc. I love iconic skylines, so that could be perfect.  I also thought about doing a Seahawks logo glass for Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, I have a recipe in mind...  green jalapeño margaritas with blue rim sugar. That'd look great in my Seattle glass, right? And, going through a stuffy-sinus thing, jalapeños sound perfect.

I think this would only work on clear glass. I haven't figured out yet how I'd approach an opaque glass. I guess I would have had to cut out the skyline and tape it to the outside and maybe even trace it with marker first?  A little tougher.

I also thought about engraving on store-bought glass. Not nearly as special as handblown glass, of course, but I think doing something like this might make a nice gift:

In the meantime, though, I'm sticking to my own handblown glass.  Tell me what you think you think I should engrave next!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hawks Fever

Seattle has been pretty fanatical about the Seahawks all along, but the frenzy has reached new heights.

Starbucks gave out these awesome 12th Man bracelets:

 The Seattle architecture showed 12th Man Support. These pictures are from our visit with Tanya a couple of weeks ago, and there has only been more craziness since then! 

Even Olive got in on the act. You may even remember her appearance on television

Our building had a fun game-watching party.
I made my famous sangria, now even more famous among our neighbors. 

And last, but not least, we got our picture with Marshawn. 
Well, a cardboard cutout of Marshawn, as if that wasn't kind of obvious. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Visit from Tanya

My friend Tanya from New York came out to visit last week. I love visitors! We had a lot of fun (and did a lot). I'll try my best to see if I can recount it all!

First, we had a glassblowing lesson. We made a lot of great things with our teacher, Austin.

Tanya made a purple bowl, a set of purple glasses, a reactive (shiny gold) glass and a large vase:

Tanya tried out the Dremel and signed her work.

What's better than one purple/pink glass? A set of pink/purple glasses!

 And she used the Dremel to draw a heart on this glass. Pretty cool idea!

 And the coup de grâce, this awesome vase: 
 It kind of looks like a Chihuly Sea Life Vase, doesn't it? She's quite talented! 

 I made a red ornament: 

a seafoam-green drinking glass (that I've been drinking out of a lot, it's the perfect size):

and this reactive gold vase with an orange wrap:

We went on the Ride the Ducks tour:

A view of the Space Needle and the EMP from the Duck.

And a house boat on Lake Union:  

Having fun & trying to keep warm! 

And the most famous houseboat of all, the houseboat from Sleepless in Seattle! 

We went to Pike Place Market, the original Starbucks, Kerry Park, Meredith Grey's house on the TV show Grey's Anatomy. We went to an improv show at the Pike Place Market Theater. Which, of course, meant photos in front of the gum wall (don't worry, we didn't contribute!) 

We tasted wine (twice) and tasted plenty of other delicious beverages at various happy hours.

We went on the Underground/Underworld tour and the Great Wheel.

Views from the Great Wheel: 
12th Man

And a ferry boat on the bay: 

And exited through the Fisherman's Wharf. 

And, best of all, we went to at least four different bakeries. For, you know, research. Phew! That was a lot to fit into 3 days! And a lot to eat! 

Right now, our next planned visitor is my parents in the spring. I've got a lot of planning to do!

Olive on TV

Olive was on the local news on KTVU in San Francisco this week. 
She's such a little star. Luckily she hasn't let the fame go to her head. Yet. 
 (Her part is at about 2:41.)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

One More Snowman

The east coast is scheduled to get pelted with snow today and tomorrow, but here in Seattle, we're dealing with the gray.
(Who named this blog anyway?) 

But, in honor of the northeast's snowstorm, let's take a look at my last glass snowman of the season.

This one was hollow on the bottom (let's just say that was intentional, ok?) so I decided that before gifting it to my mother's cousin, Carol, I would pick up a light box for her to display it on. I found this light box that changes colors and thought it would work nicely.

I think it looks great and, more importantly, Carol liked it. She even called me a couple of days later and said "I was just sitting here looking at my snowman and I had to call you!" I was so happy! 

I hope your holiday was magical! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I am not yet completely unpacked. I know, it's ridiculous. But these are the kinds of things that delay me while unpacking:

1. I came across a disposable camera with 18 photographs on it. Throw it in the garbage? Hold on to it, thinking someday I'll develop it even though I probably never will? Are photographs that old even viable?

2. I came across a $3 buy back token for a free drink at the bar in the town I grew up in. Throw it out? Try to think of someone to mail it to? Will the bar even accept it? I think they may have changed ownership (but not names) in the last 10+ years. 

3.  Stopping to write blog posts like this one.