Saturday, June 7, 2014

Went to a Backyard Wedding...

No, we didn't. We went to the Woodland Park Zoo where they were having a Bear Affair.

And to show how dangerous humans can be to bears, and vice-versa, they set up a "backyard wedding" in the bear enclosure and then let the bears out to explore it.

Don't worry, all of the items were approved for the bears to eat. 

 Here's a grizzly bear devouring the wedding cake.

 And... he broke the plastic table. But that's not going to stop him from eating cake off the ground.

 Here you can see the whole setup better. There was an arbor (with flowers and fruit), a table with the cake, a table with red punch bowls and watermelon baskets full of fruit salad, a table full of presents (some had food inside the boxes), and a heart-shaped ice sculpture with fruit inside.

Eating the fruit off the arbor. He also was really interested in the flower arrangements on either side of the arbor, he rubbed his face and upper body all over them. 

Enjoying some punch.

Moving on to the ice sculpture and the presents. One bear knocked over the whole table of presents but didn't seem too interested in opening them, just rolling all over them. The other bear knocked around the ice sculpture a little bit but maybe the fruit wasn't worth the effort. 

And, finally, for comparison, they had food in a "bear safe" garbage can. This frustrated the bear and he worked on it...

(In this picture, you can see a purple flower stuck to his butt from destroying and rolling around in the flower arrangements.)

...and worked on it...

...and worked on it... 

With no payoff. Poor bear. But, then again, he did just destroy a wedding and eat a whole wedding cake.

We also saw a Sea Eagle. Some people say the bird in the Seahawks logo is actually a Sea Eagle, based on the shape of the beak. I can see that.

Wolves, there are 3 in this picture.

Meerkats. (Doesn't that kind of look like Olive?)

Sloth bears


 They were cute but... they kind of look like wet rats... 

Overall, it was a great day at the zoo. It's a really nice zoo with beautiful landscaping between exhibits. I like how it feels like a park with animal exhibits rather than just row after row of cages or enclosures.

 And we became members! The nice thing about being members is we could spend a few hours at the zoo, see a few things, and not worry about seeing everything because we can come back anytime! And we get visitors passes... so who wants to come to the zoo with us?