Sunday, June 14, 2015

Georgetown Carnival

Yesterday, we went to check out the Georgetown Carnival with our friend Jess.  We left Olive at daycare because we thought it might be too loud and crowded and hot for her (and I think we were right), although there were many dogs there.

Georgetown is a neighborhood down in the south end of Seattle. It's known as being "artistic" and "hipster."  Those aren't my words, I took that directly from  (At this point, you might be wondering, how do they describe every other neighborhood, if they just used their two best adjectives on Georgetown?  Funny you should ask - they didn't even bother to describe my new neighborhood! Either way, here's their neighborhood guide if you want to check it out.)

As for me, I first knew Georgetown by their beers! If you've been to Seattle, you've probably tried a Manny's or a Roger's or a Lucille, all made by Georgetown Brewery.  (My Georgetown beer of choice is Chopper's Red, but, looking at their website, I'd like to try the Johnny Utah!)

But as far as the neighborhood, I had only ever driven through when I-5 was backed up and thought, "This is cute, we should come down here one day." And that was that.

Well, until now.  Until the Georgetown Carnival.

You can't make it very far into the event poster without wondering, what the heck are power tool races?  I mean, obviously, they're world famous, but maybe I missed them somehow? Well, I've got photos for you.  

Basically, they're racing small belt sander machines, dressed up... down a wooden (obviously, because they're sanding) track about 60 feet long.  With points for creativity, speed, and style?  At least, that's what I got out of it.

There were also food trucks, beer (it's Georgetown, remember?), artist vendors, belly dancers, stilt walkers, aerial acts, a hella funny magician, games for the kids, an arcade, some classic cars, oh, and great music!

This band doing The Beastie Boys' Sabotage killed it.  

Overall, it was a fabulous day out.  We definitely had a great afternoon.  Good suggestion Jess!

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